MongoDB suite for Drupal

The MongoDB suite for Drupal 8 is a set of modules enabling the storage of various types of data on a Drupal® site in MongoDB®. This comes in addition to the standard SQL storage used by Drupal.

It comprises several Drupal modules, each implementing a specific functionality. With the exception of the base mongodb module, upon which all others depend because it provides the standardized connection service to Drupal, all the modules are independent of each other except where indicated.

The mongodb module is not just the basis for this package: it is also designed to ease the development of bespoke code for end-user projects, providing Drupal-integrated Symfony® services for Client and Database with a familiar alias-based selection, like those provided by Drupal core for the SQL database drivers.



Module In a word Information
mongodb driver Client and Database services, tests base
mongodb_storage key-value Key-value store, with server-side expiration
mongodb_watchdog logger PSR-3 compliant logger with a built-in UI


Modules expected to be ported to 8.x-2.x in some release after 2.0 include:

Module In a word Information
mongodb_cache cache Cache storage, with server-side expiration
mongodb_lock lock Lock plugin
mongodb_path path Path plugin

Future directions

This module has no direct equivalent in earlier versions, but its development is being considered.

Module Information
mongodb_debug Provides low-level debug information.

A D7 version exists on mongodb_logger but depends on the legacy mongo PHP extension. Futures versions will need the 1.4 version of the mongodb extension which implements the MongoDB APM specification.

  • This suite of modules is licensed under the General Public License, v2.0 or later (GPL-2.0-or-later).
  • MongoDB is a registered trademark of MongoDB Inc.
  • Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.
  • Symfony is a registered trademark of Symfony SAS.