Key-value: mongodb_storage

The mongodb_storage module implements the Key-Value storage for Drupal in MongoDB.


To use the MongoDB Key-Value (Expirable) storage:

  • ensure there is a keyvalue database alias as in settings configuration.
  • declare MongoDB as the default Key-Value storage implementation by editing the existing declarations in the sites/default/services.yml file:

    # In sites/default/services.yml.
      default: keyvalue.mongodb
      keyvalue_expirable_default: keyvalue.expirable.mongodb
  • enable the module, e.g. using drush en mongodb_storage.

  • import the existing Key-Value contents from the database, using the Drush or Console mongodb:storage:import_keyvalue command: drush most-ikv. It will output the names of the imported stores, for your information:

  • rebuild the container to take these changes into account using drush cr.


The module provides one single command to import the content of the default SQL storage for Key-Value into MongoDB. The command is available for Drush and Drupal Console indifferently, and is described in the previous paragraph as part of the configuration steps.